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Utilising all the beauty of polished concrete flooring, available in a choice of 5 Standard colours and special colours on request, StoneFloor is a designer’s dream. Room by room StoneFloor offers almost unlimited design possibilities. The principle is as simple as it is impressive.

The cement based basic material creates smooth, elegant surfaces. However, StoneFloor becomes really exciting thanks to the abundance of possible variations. The basic material can be coloured using StoneFloor coloured pigments to achieve numerous different shades, once polished the floor comes into its own, the polishing process exposes the micro aggregate beneath and varying patterns can be seen throughout, giving a totally bespoke, non uniform finish which is sealed with either matt, satin or gloss finishes.

Stonefloor sample polished, exposing the micro aggregate - Light Grey

Stonefloor sample, natural (unpolished) - Light Grey

Freedom in terms of design and colour the product can be installed in such areas as retail stores, living areas, museums, hotels and restaurants.
A product used extensively throughout Europe, offering a real alternative to wood flooring or tiles and giving a clean, seamless finish, its clean lines transform any space into a modern looking area, totally bespoke and can also be laid with contrasting colours side by side to give a visually stunning effect.

Whilst we take every precaution to ensure the risk of cracks appearing is kept to an absolute minimum, it should be noted that as with all cement based products, shrinkage hairline cracking is sometimes unavoidable. If you’d prefer to not take this risk, please view our SmoothFloor range, which is a flexible epoxy resin polish concrete lookalike and does not crack.

Product Overview:

  • Ultra quick setting
  • Installed between 5mm and 40mm thickness
  • 55Nmm2 compressive strength (after 28 days)
  • Can be left ‘natural’ or polished (diamond ground)
  • Must be epoxy bonded to substrate