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5000m2 of Anti Static Self levelling resin flooring

Resin Flooring Specialists were contracted to supply and install 5000m2 of Anti-static resin flooring to a new manufacturing facility in Dartford.

RFS prepared the power-floated concrete slab using our own HTC Diamond floor grinders. A 2 coat DPM primer was installed to the entire floor, prior to application of a 3m x 3m copper grid, which was earthed to the building every 800m2. A carbon rich primer coat was then applied to the floor, followed by the SL resin floor installed at a nominal 2.5mm

Anti-static SL resin flooring provides a hygienic, easy-to-clean self smoothing surface that is compliant with EN IEC61340. It is ideally suited to dry process areas where the floor is subjected to medium to heavy duty foot, trolley, pallet truck and rubber wheeled fork lift traffic. Typical uses include laboratories, clean rooms, warehouses, and electronic, aerospace, automotive and printing plants.