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Polished concrete

An alternative to resin flooring, it is often possible to polish your existing concrete subfloor, often to spectacular results. Using our fleet of HTC floor grinding equipment, Resin Flooring Specialists are proud offer the full range of HTC Superfloorâ„¢concepts, from Bronze through to the beauty of the fully exposed aggregate Platinum finish. We also are accredited contractors of Flowcrete's Mondodec Grande Lux polished concrete systems.

In truth, polished concrete can offer many benefits compared to other floor finishes, and with the correct care and maintenance will last the lifetime of the building. Existing concrete floor can also be dyed during the grinding process, or if a new concrete slab is being poured, concrete pigments can be added to the mix.

To further enhance the finish, the concrete will go through a densification process, where a densifier is applied to the concrete. The densifier reacts with the calcium and free lime in the concrete, further hardening the surface and making it less permeable to liquids. Further sealer polishes can be applied and burnished to give a ultra glossy finish.

The HTC Superfloorâ„¢concepts comprise of:

HTC Superfloor - Bronze - This has the least number of grinding and policing stages and does not expose the aggregate in the concrete. Instead, the top layer of the concrete is polished to a glossy finish

HTC Superfloor - Silver - Aggregate in the concrete is exposed, however the floor is not polished to a high gloss finish, therefore ideal if you are looking for a matt finish.

HTC Superfloor - Gold - Aggregate is exposed, but you do not grind as deep as with Platinum. The floor is then polished to gloss finish.

HTC Superfloor - Platinum - This will produce the glossiest finish and is the most popular concept. The aggregate is fully exposed, and the finish offers unbeatable durablity. The floor is finishes to a 3000 grit finish, prior to protective stain protect sealers being applied and burnished.

Product Overview:

  • Easily cleaned, just add water
  • Using twister cleaning pads during cleaning, will continue to polish and refine the finish
  • Can be stained and patterned with concrete dyes
  • Unmatched durability and wear
  • Environmentally friendly, often using uptown 60% less energy compared to other floor finishes

There are several factors that will influence the final appearance when polishing concrete, including the stone / aggregate quality and colour, the colour of the cement and the quality of the concrete. With exposed aggregate finishes, it is not uncommon to have patches where less aggregate is exposed.