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Natural aggregate granules bonded to a resin base to create the appearance of a loose gravel drive or path, giving all the benefits and features of loose stone but without all the maintenance issues. Available in a range of different aggregates and sizes, it can be bonded to either a tarmac or concrete base making it ideal for every day maintenance free use and creating a more visually pleasing look to the average driveway.

Resin bonded vs Resin Bound?

A common question, and there is a very important difference.

A resin bonded system like PebbleCrete will have the aggregate scattered or broadcast into a resin substrate while the resin is still wet. With a resin bound system like our StoneCarpet, the clear resin binder and aggregate are mixed together and troweled applied to the substrate, fully encapsulating the aggregate in the resin.

Generally, the resin bonded systems are used externally, and resin bound internally, although resin bound system can also be used externally.

Product Overview

  • Excellent slip resistance
  • Seamless alternative to block paving
  • Can withstand vehicular traffic
  • Easily cleaned and maintaned
  • Can be installed over ‘green’ concrete / high RH%